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Ex-police officer in George Floyd death asks for charges to be dropped 

A police officer charged in connection with the death of George Floyd has applied to have his charges dropped, court documents show.Lawyers for Tou Thao, 34, have put forward a motion stating that the former Minneapolis police officer could not have known that Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, was about to commit a crime.

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Minnesota lawmakers pass sweeping police reforms in wake of George Floyd death 

The Minnesota police reforms include a ban on choke holds similar to one used on the late George Floyd. The reforms are seen as some of the most substantial changes to the state’s criminal justice system.

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Portland mayor: Unidentified Feds detaining protesters are ‘making things worse’ 

Ted Wheeler, Democratic mayor of Portland, OR, reacts to unidentified federal agents patrolling the streets of his city which has seen weeks of protests following the death of George Floyd.

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8 Black investors discuss the intersection of race, tech and funding 

Since the killing of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers heightened awareness about racial justice, the experiences of Black people in tech — and the industry’s lack of racial diversity — are getting new attention. In the tech ecosystem at large, the industry is still predominantly white and male, and venture capital […]

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Tattoo removal requests surge in wake of George Floyd’s death, and artist offering free removals is overwhelmed 

A tattoo artist in the US state of Vermont who for years has offered free removal or covering of hateful skin art such as swastikas, SS lightning bolts or the words “white power” says he has seen an uptick in business following George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis.Alexander Lawrence, who runs Mountainside Tattoo from a storefront in the […]

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K-State players end threat of boycott over Floyd tweet 

Kansas State football players have called off a threatened boycott in response to an insensitive tweet by a student about the death of George Floyd

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With Pro Football Hall of Fame Voters So White, Members Call for Diversity 

A deep, underground, and uniquely American fault line shifted when Minnesota police murdered George Floyd. His killing shook this country to its historically racist core. Slowly, a subsection of our country is starting to hear and contemplate what minorities have been saying all along — the institutions in this…Read more…

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Minneapolis City Council Puts Proposal to Abolish Police in Motion 

The radical move supported by a majority of the council after George Floyd’s death is far from assured

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How China Turned the Pandemic and Protests Into Propaganda Opportunities 

China’s state media have been using the pandemic and U.S. protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd to rally its citizens at home, as Beijing’s relationships around the world grow tenser. Photo Composite: Crystal Tai/WSJ

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2nd former officer charged in George Floyd’s death released on bail 

Alexander Kueng posted a $750,000 bond and was released late Friday afternoon. He was charged in connection to the death of George Floyd.

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Companies That Have Pledged to Address Racism Since the George Floyd Protests 

Corporate America has pledged millions to social justice efforts since the killing of George Floyd. But some businesses have gone further, committing to concrete changes in their practices.

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Police Reform And The Changing Face Of Law Enforcement After George Floyd Death

The death of George Floyd proved to be the catalyst for a wave of reforms and proposals at the federal and local level around policing and law enforcement.

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Teens who vandalized St. Patrick’s Cathedral amid George Floyd protests are arrested, police say 

New York City police say they have arrested two teenagers caught on video spray painting graffiti on the side of St. Patrick’s Cathedral during recent unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd. 

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