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‘I’d Rather Stay Home and Die’ 

A fear of hospitals is leading many Mexicans to delay treatment for coronavirus until it is too late for doctors to help them.

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Covid Chasers: The Nurses Fighting Coronavirus From Hot Spot to Hot Spot 

Traveling nurses are offsetting staffing shortages in hospitals around the U.S. where Covid-19 is surging. Four nurses give viewers an intimate look into the mental and physical toll the work is having on them five months into the pandemic. Photo: Chelsea Walsh

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COVID-19 strikes Washington state farmworkers and swamps rural hospitals 

Jamaican farmer Earl Edwards died Friday in quarantine housing for foreign laborers in Washington state, where he worked in a cherry-packing facility. A coronavirus outbreak at one of Washington state’s largest fruit farms has renewed concern for agricultural workers, who live and work in close quarters.

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Beirut explosion: at least 78 dead and 4,000 wounded, says Lebanon health ministry – live updates 

Interior minister says ammonium nitrate likely caused at least one explosion amid reports hospitals too damaged to treat patientsFull report: huge explosion in BeirutCrisis upon crisis: blast rocks a Lebanon already on its kneesAmmonium nitrate: what is the chemical blamed for blast in Lebanese capital?‘We’re cursed’: shock and despair as explosion devastate […]

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Coronavirus: Hong Kong on verge of ‘large-scale’ outbreak, says Carrie Lam 

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam says a major outbreak may lead to the “collapse” of the city’s hospitals.

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Zimbabwe: No Nurses to Care for the Sick As COVID-19 Cases Surge 

[RFI] Imagine you’re in a country standing on the brink of coronavirus. More than 1,000 confirmed cases. Twenty deaths. You know the full force of the pandemic is coming — because it’s already hit the country next door. Your hospitals are marginally better prepared than they were in March. But only marginally: still less than 100 ventilators for a […]

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Hospitals look to resume normal operations, but patients still fear seeking care 

While normal hospital operations look set to resume, patients remain concerned about seeking care but analysts are optimistic for a recovery in elective procedures post-coronavirus.

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19 trapped, including children, when tree falls on garage during thunderstorm 

Nineteen people were rushed to hospitals in Maryland after a tree fell on a garage during a thunderstorm, trapping them.

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Trump Hosts July 4 Event at White House as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Soar 

Hospitals in Houston near capacity. Iraq’s health care system is on the verge of breakdown. The Supreme Court rejected Illinois Republicans’ request to hold big political gatherings.

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As Coronavirus Slams Houston Hospitals, It’s Like New York ‘All Over Again’ 

The death toll is lower, but there are echoes of March as cases spike, doctors fall ill and supplies run short. Now, Texas is trying to adapt hard-won lessons while addressing a new set of challenges.

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Coronavirus live news: cases surge in Europe since lockdown easing, says WHO 

Cases worldwide growing by 1m per week; Latin American death toll expected to reach 390,000 by October; Texas hospitals near capacity; volunteers receive first doses of experimental vaccineIsrael brings back tracking system after surge in Covid-19 casesAir cooling systems in abattoirs could heighten Covid-19 riskHow Trump and his officials diverge on coronav […]

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Live Global Coronavirus News: White House Says It’s Bracing for an Autumn Wave 

A top official said the Trump administration was working to replenish the medical stockpile as health experts rejected the president’s view of the pandemic. India’s crowded hospitals have been turning people away.

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