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China to sanction Rubio, Cruz, and others over U.S. action on Hong Kong 

The U.S. lawmakers targeted by Beijing on Monday have been vocal critics of a new national security law that expands Beijing’s authority in Hong Kong.

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Britain suspends Hong Kong extradition treaty 

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab expressed concerns over the new Hong Kong security law. China warned that the UK was heading down the “wrong path,” not long after sidelining Huawei from its future 5G network.

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There’s an obvious way to strike back at China for the Hong Kong security law while scoring an economic win for the US 

Anthony Kwan/Getty Images To strike back at China for passing a security law that encroaches on Hong Kong people’s civil rights, the US should welcome Hong Kongers to immigrate here. There are only about 7 million people in Hong Kong (that’s smaller than New York City) and the brain drain would create a headache for Beijing. Plus the US would gain […]

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Hong Kong businesses worried after US downgrade 

After China introduced a controversial new security law, Donald Trump signed an order ending preferential economic treatment for the territory. What does Hong Kong’s economic future now hold?

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76% of U.S. Companies in Hong Kong Are Worried About Security Law, Chamber of Commerce Survey Finds 

According to an American Chamber of Commerce survey, 76% of companies were concerned about the sweeping measures barring subversion, secession, terrorism and foreign collusion, with most being “extremely concerned”

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