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Google’s Bedtime wellness feature is no longer a Pixel exclusive 

If you’re using your phone as a nightstand clock, there’s always a lingering temptation to peek at the screen in the night. When you do, it’s hard to resist the temptation of Instagram, Twitter or YouTube that’s just a swipe away, schleep, smeep, rig…

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YouTube Music makes collaborative playlists available to everyone 

In May, Google launched a solution that will let you transfer Play songs to the YT Music app in one click, and it’s a feature you may want to take advantage of before the Play Music app starts shutting down in September.

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Facebook set to add official music videos from artists to take on YouTube  

Facebook is taking on YouTube by adding official music videos to its platform in the US. The clips will be added to Facebook Watch, as well as the artists’ pages. The rollout is set for August 1.

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Jarvis Cocker Talks First Album in 11 Years and His First Time Crowdsurfing 

There was a time when live music was all there was. No shaky mobile phone camera videos of concerts uploaded to Instagram Stories or YouTube. No hissing bootleg tapes recorded out of the lint-ridden pocket of a teenage concertgoer’s knitted wool sweater. No sounds emanating from a needle against a scratched-up piece of easily shattered…

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Bend it over 60,000 times. The stainless steel Evercable isn’t like those cheapo phone cables 

TLDR: The stainless steel Evercable is over 4 feet of almost unbreakable connector, ready to handle all your charging and syncing cable needed for….well, almost a lifetime.  Just go to YouTube and you’ll find literally dozens of videos to help repair frayed, broken and otherwise non-functioning charging cables. And the irony is that the problem of faulty cab […]

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MrBeast ends Finger on the App competition by telling players to stop after 70 hours 

After watching contestants keep their fingers attached to a phone screen for more than 70 hours, YouTube creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson called an early end to a massive competition originally designed with one winner and a $25,000 prize in mind. The result? Four winners, each walking away with $20,000 in hand. Donaldson’s “Finger on the App” was a one-tim […]

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FuboTV joins YouTube TV and ESPN+ in hiking subs fee 

US streaming services adjust price points to cover content costs.

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YouTuber Jenna Marbles quits over blackface 

YouTuber Jenna Marbles announces she’s leaving the video streaming site after apologising for old content.

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MrBeast partners with MSCHF to give away $25,000 as part of a massive one-time game 

After making a name for himself on YouTube by giving away lumps of cash to his friends, family, and unsuspecting strangers around the country, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is opening his latest game to anyone. Donaldson has partnered with internet collective MSCHF for “Finger on the App,” a one-time multiplayer game with a very simple premise: the last person t […]

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